My services

On this page you will find the services I offer. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment.

The services I offer

Mindfulness Training

On Tuesday afternoons I give group training in Mindfulness. This is not an eight-week course on Mindfulness but rather training for everyone, no matter if you’ve never had any experience with Mindfulness before or have had years and years of training. For more information you can click here. The afternoons will be principally in Dutch. If there is enough interest, I will start trainings in English as well, so please contact me about this.

Cost: free

Trainings take place at Choku Gym, Wachterstraat 21, Zaandam

Intake and visualisation

If you are not sure if hypnotherapy is for you, you can schedule an intake. During the approximately 90-minutes, you can discuss your background and famliy history. We can also talk about what you would like to achieve with hypnotherapy. At the end of the session I will lead you in a visualisation so that you can experience firsthand what hypnotherapy can do for you.

The price is €120 for 90 minutes

Past life regression

Regression is a powerful tool. Regression can not only take you back to your early youth, it can also take you back to moments that we call past lives. This can be useful if you suffer from emotional or physical problems for which there is no apparent cause. I offer a package of 3 sessions which includes one past life regression.For more information, click here.

The price is €295 for 3 sessions


If you are ready for real change, to release ballast from the past, to transform patterns that are no longer useful or healthy for you, then hypnotherapy can be a valuable instrument.  Hypnotherapy is generally a short process: in most cases a lot of change can happen within four or five sessions.

The price is €120 per session of approximately 90 minutes

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