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Jeff Hamburg

Life in Harmony is Jeff Hamburg's practice for hypnotherapy, situated in Amsterdam.

“Even though you sometimes can’t seem to get a grip on life, things don’t go the way you’d like them to, deep inside you have the power to heal yourself. Hypnotherapy can help you find the way there.

My role as hypnotherapist is to accompany you. I offer you a safe environment where you can discover your self-healing capabilities.

I regard hypnotherapy as a way of getting you to your true self, to your subconscious mind. You can then righten detrimental patterns from your past and discover the clear path of your life.”

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‘The sessions were very calm, nurturing and supportive. Jeff provided a calm and clear space for exploration.’

P. Garcia | Dancer

Removing obstacles in your way

Do you have the feeling that you are beng controlled by obstacles from the past? Do you notice patterns of behaviour that are holding you back? Does that make you feel like you aren’t as energetic as you would like to be?

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Tapping into your inner strength

Your life is busy. Your family takes up a lot of your time, you have little time for yourself. Every once in a while you feel tense or worn out. You sometimes wonder what is the sense of all of this? Do you have the feeling that you’ve run off course?

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Reducing stress and fear

Are you overcome by fear every once in a while? Are you often tense, everything taking up too much energy? Is you life controlled by pressure? Would you like to experience more inner calm but don’t know how?

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What clients are saying…

  • Nienke, 42 years old

    ‘I was surprised to experience how far back you can go into your memory when you accompanied properly. For example, that you can stand next to yourself as a child and be able to give that child something needed that wasn’t there then. ’

  • Jan, 62 years old

    ‘We discovered that I could take life easier, not react so strongly in some situations. I am continually thinking back on the images and situations that I came across during the therapy. ’

  • Deny, 57 years old

    ‘Jeff is unique in that you feel perfectly safe as together you thoroughly peal away your own questions. His methods lead to deeper insights and awareness. It is extremely fine to work with him.’

  • Margo, 33 years old

    ‘Jeff helped with my search for more balance in my life. It was fascinating how a theme emerged out of every discussion that we had that could work on. After the sessions I felt extremely “zen”.’

  • Marieke, 45 years old

    ‘Everything that happens to you comes out of yourself and through yourself. Jeff allowed me to discover this powerful message myself during his marvellous sessions. ’

  • Betty, 38 years old

    ‘When I first came to Jeff, I was extremely traumatised by my recent divorce. After a few sessions I was able to rediscover my inner strength and self-confidence and I am able to live my life again. It is as if an enormous weight has been lifted from me. ’