Past Life Regression Amsterdam

Sometimes the keys to a healing process come from an unexpected place. You can have memories of past lives, of times before you were born. We call this past life regression

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Past Life Regression Amsterdam

Fortunately hypnotherapy does not search for truth. It searches for what the client needs in order to heal. Sometimes, when you are asked to go back to the moment when you started to believe certain things about yourself (I’m not good enough, I can’t do this) the moment is one that doesn’t belong to your present life. Your memory seems to be taken from a past life.


These regressions are often impressive and can lead to a deep healing process. It isn’t necessarily the details of that life, rather the themes that appear in that life. These themes are relevant to your healing process.

It is also possible to lead you into these memories. In some mysterious way, we all carry these kinds of memories with us. It seems to be related to the process of dreaming in which the subconscious connects with situations that may be based on seemingly real events that have a symbolic meaning.

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Past Life Regression Amsterdam

Past Life Regression

Price: €405

Intake ± 90 minutes

Regression ± 90 minutes

Integration ± 90 minutes

  • The Past Life Regression sessions takes place a few days after the intake in Amsterdam.
  • The integration session takes place a week after the regression session. It is also possible to include other hypnotherapy sessions in this module.
Past Life Regression Amsterdam