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Besides being a hypnotherapist, I am also a composer of contemporary classical music. Stories, myths and archetypes have inspired many of my compositions: they also structure the human subconscious, where hypnotherapy takes place.

Using creativity for healing


As a hypnotherapist in Amsterdam, I am able to place the process that you as the client goes through in a broader context. I can sense what is needed at a certain moment to achieve a breakthrough, a catharsis, in a process. This is an important moment: you experience deep insight and the process of healing can begin.

Since just like everyone else, I have experienced quite a lot in my life, I am able to put myself in your shoes. When needed, I can put things into perspective. Humor is also an important element: laughter can be liberating. 

Hypnotherapist Amsterdam: Short biography

  • My name is Jeff Hamburg. I was born and bred in the United States. I’ve lived in the Netherlands since I was 22 years old. My entire life I’ve been a composer of modern classical music.
  • Literature, philosophy, and spirituality are important to me, also in the context of the therapy that I offer. Universal needs, fears, human motivation have decisive meaning to the human subconscious.
  • The step to become a hypnotherapist was obvious: as an artist I was already acquainted with the inner world of stories, symbols and metaphors.
  • I studied at the Academie Hypnos which is now in Voorthuizen.

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Hypnotherapist Amsterdam
Hypnotherapist Amsterdam