Mindfulness is a training that teaches you to become aware of what you are feeling and thinking. By becoming aware, you can turn off your automatic pilot and break stubborn habits so that you can experience more space and freedom in your life.

What can Mindfulness mean for you?

Consciously being present

Consciously being present in the here and now, without judging. This is what Mindfulness training can help you achieve. Mindfulness is neither meditation or a treatment.
Mindfulness will give you the tools to direct your concentration, to actively guide your attention and teach to to have an open and accepting attitude.

Directing your attention

Often you can get distracted by all sorts of thoughts and emotions. How could I possibly have done that, is he angry at me, am I ever going to finish my to-do list, what was I supposed to get at the grocery store…? With mindfulness training, you can become aware of these thoughts and feelings, often by means of your breath. By recognizing these distractions, you become able to direct your attention to what you are doing at that moment, in the now.

An open and accepting attitude

You feel fear, you feel rejected, you want a piece of chocolate. Automatically, without you even realizing it, you go sit in a corner, grab a piece of chocolate, go lie down in bed under the covers.
What are these thoughts and emotions? What are these impulses? Your body, your feelings, trigger you to act and you act. What would happen if you first recognized these triggers before you acted?
Aha, I feel scared, I feel rejected, I want a piece of chocolate. Instead of immediately reacting to the fear, you feel the fear, without judgment, without doing anything to suppress the fear.
That won’t say that you want to feel scared, that you want to feel rejected, or that you don’t really want that piece of chocolate. It just means that you recognize, accept that these emotions, these impulses, these thoughts are present.

Je aandacht richten

What can Mindfulness mean for you?

It has been shown that by practicing Mindfulness Training in order to accept your emotions that you can learn not to impulsively react to these emotions. Your thoughts and feelings become more calm. You will always have thoughts and emotions, but with Mindfulness training, you will be able to take back the control over them. By not reacting to the automatic pilot, you then have a choice about how to react. You regain your freedom.

What does a Mindfulness Training look like?


  • Introduction round of the participants
  • Introduction of Mindfulness, what is it, what do we want to achieve, what will we being doing this evening
  • Mindfulness Exercise
  • Exchanging our experience of the exercise
  • Discussion about what sensations the exercise released
  • Finishing up, including an exercise to do yourself at home

Tuesday Afternoons from 9:30 – 10:30

November 9, 16, 23 and 30
December 7, 14 and 21

Free entry

Location: Choku Gym, Wachterstraat 21, Zaandam