Privacy statement and disclaimer

Life in Harmony considers your privacy and how we handle your data important. You can read more over how Life in Harmony guarantees your privacy in this Privacy Declaration. In this way we satisfy the new European regulations as laid out in the General Data Protection Regulation (in the Netherlands known as the AVG).

Privacy Statement

The European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (the AVG in the Netherlands), was effectuated on May 25, 2018. The GDPR requires every entrepreneur to handle personal data (organisational and technical) carefully and to guarantee the privacy of clients.  

This privacy statement describes which personal data Life in Harmony gathers when you, for instance, visit the website or when you use the services of Life in Harmony. You can also read why this data is gathered, what is done with it and information about how you can view this data, change it or have it removed. 

Your privacy when being treated by Life in Harmony

In order to treat you properly, it is necessary to open a file about you. This is also required by Law (Wet op de Geneeskundige Behandelovereenkomst, WGBO). Your file contains:

  • Notes about your (physical and mental) health
  • Written reports about the consult (notes)
  • Information about other (earlier) examinations and treatments

Also, if relevant:

  • Reports to third parties
  • Data from other health practitioners (for instance, your GP). These are present only if you have given permission to share this information.

The information from your file may also be used for the following:

  • Informing other health practitioners, for instance if the treatment is completed or as use of a reference to another practitioner. This occurs only with your express permission.
  • For anonymous use during intercollegiate review
  • A small part of the file is used for financial administration (writing invoices and bookkeeping).

If there should be another reason to use information from your file, you will be informed and permission to use the information will be requested. 

In order to protect your privacy:

  • Your personal and medical records will be handled carefully
  • Unauthorised persons will have no access to the information

Complete professional confidentiality is required
It is required by law (WGBO) that the information in a client’s file be kept for 15 years.

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Privacy statement and disclaimer