Your issues are central. Often though, the issue is on the surface. Below sits something deeper, something even more essential. Usually there are two aspects to every issue: how can I get the day to day control back of my life and how can I clear up the obstacles from the past.

Activating your self-healing process

My role is to activate your self-healing process. Survival strategies, unhealthy thoughts such as “I’m not good enough”, “nobody loves me” or “I have no right to take up any space” are blocking that self-healing process. By revealing the source of these survival strategies, you can understand, feel how they originated. By way of the keys that your own subconscious hands to you, healing can take place.

Being judgment-free, I can make sure that we work productively and efficiently. This taking place in a space where you feel absolutely safe. And at your own pace. You do the work by way of your own subconscious. I accompany the process. 

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