Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that makes use of trance. The assumption is that the psyche has a self-healing process just as does the body. The therapist calls on this self-healing function so that the client can find her own way towards healing.

Why hypnotherapy?

Impediments from the past

Why is it so difficult for many people to live in the “now”? Why are so many people taken over by fear, addictions or destructive patterns of behaviour that they want to get rid of but are unable to? That is, according to hypnotherapy, because they are troubled by traumas or things from their past that they have misunderstood without being consciously aware of it. 

Your mother said, for example, when you were small: “Don’t cry!”. And the rest of your life you think that you aren’t supposed to express your emotions. That can cause stress, feelings of being trapped and even physical complaints. 

The deeper cause

Hypnotherapy can help reach a state of deep relaxation (that is also called “trance”) through which, with the help of the therapist, can become conscious of subconscious impediments and where they come from. 

Why doesn’t talk therapy work? Using talk therapy, you are using cognitive processes, your thoughts. And this way you do not reach the deeper source of the problem. It lies deeper than where your rational brain can go. Hypnotherapy brings you to the deeper source and helps you take care of the problem by the roots. 

Freedom of choice and control of your life

There are cognitive processes such as talking, reflecting, planning…and there are processes that take place on a subconscious and deeper level: thoughts and emotions appear seemingly out of nowhere, impulses, reflexes, dreams, fight or flight reactions…

These processes largely determine who you are and they are not always easily influenced by the rational mind. Often they don’t have anything to do with what is going on at the present moment. They are reflections, mirrors of events from the past. 

The more you aware of this, the more choices you create in your life. Because the more that you are driven by these random thoughts and impulses, the less choices you have. Hypnotherapy helps you to gain more control over your life and achieve more freedom of choice. 


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